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What's In The AI Marketing Jumpstarter Bundle?

90-min Deep Dive On Content Creation "AI-Powered Marketing to Power Up Your Purpose & Profits" For Online Coaches, Healers and
On-Purpose Entrepreneurs

The Authentic AI Content Planner with the perfect ChatGPT prompts to get to know your ideal clients, their most pressing problems, deepest fears and greatest aspirations... so you can create content that converts

20+ ChatGPT Prompts For Content Generation, Video Scripts, Written Content For LinkedIn, Facebook And Instagram

BONUS: 100 Captivating Caption Hooks, 120 Can't Resist Calls to Action

Kathy's training completely up-leveled my messaging. Not only does it sound like me, but I've trained ChatGPT about my business and my voice and I can create content on the fly. This has given me back my time to do other things. Life saver!

Get this rich "Create 30 Days of Content in 90 Mins" Webinar plus the "Authentic AI Content Planner" and loads of prompts + idea generators.


What's possible if put the AI JUMPSTART PACKAGE to work this week?

Shine Your Light: Highlight what makes you and your services uniquely positioned to serve your ideal clients.

Demonstrate Your Expertise: Share your knowledge, establishing yourself as a trusted expert.

Resonate Deeply: Connect with your audience by addressing their deepest challenges and aspirations.

Show Up Consistently: Daily prompts make it easy to show up regularly.

... AND have all you need to do it month after month!