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Create Authentic Messaging that Increases Your Impact AND Income.

You know you are called to make a greater difference in the world and you know you're brilliant at the work you do. You just need more people to find you and choose to work with you.

My gift as an experienced marketer is to help you get your gifts out to the world in a bigger, more impactful way. I've created proven processes for you to create soul-aligned messaging of who you are so that you can take a bold stand for your clients' transformation.

Hi, I'm Kathy, Your Confident Content Catalyst

Empowerment coach. Energy healer. Event marketing company owner for 20+ years.

The potential that AI tools have for us as heart-centered entrepreneurs is off-the-charts
mind-boggling and exciting! New ones are coming out every week. I geek out on this stuff and recognize that most coaches, healers and on-purpose entrepreneurs simply don't love the process of marketing & selling their services.

That's why I've created services to help you master your messaging in a way that's authentic and converts, allowing you to stand out as the transformational expert you are AND draw your soul mate clients to you.

I share my best tools & process with you to create a magnetic message + consistency that authentically leads to more clients + cash ... and to do so FAST so you can spend the majority of your time doing what you love -- changing the world in your own, special way.

Don't go it alone. Let's do this TOGETHER!

It's time for coaches, healers and
on-purpose entrepreneurs to step up to be fully visible and earn the great income they deserve for the transformation they create.

Follow my step-by-step formula to streamline
your marketing with ChatGPT -- saving you
HOURS each month.

Get this rich "Create 30 Days of Content in 90 Mins" Webinar plus the "Authentic AI Content Planner" and loads of prompts + idea generators.

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Authentic Marketing with AI:
Create Content that Connects & Converts

Here's how we can work together...


Would you like to hand your
social media marketing (and all the headaches)
over to the pros? Let us do it for you!

Join the "Content Creation Collab" community to get the guidance, accountability and feedback you need to master your messaging, consistently and easily.


What people are saying...

"Game-changer! I was stuck, going in circles with my entrepreneurial venture. Kathy brought the clarity and direction I needed, transforming my scattered thoughts into a solid, actionable plan. Her guidance was pivotal in launching my business and creating a killer marketing strategy. Truly, I couldn't have done it without her!"

- Lisa Heller, KonaGirl Health & Fitness

”You are the real deal, truly a unique flair and understanding of marketing. Your newsletters are always a delight to read and spot on from a selling psychology standpoint. Any transformational business owner will benefit greatly from your Skillset, Mindset, and Toolset.

- Mark S.A. Smith, 35+ yr Marketing Consultant

"Working with you I see how building and running my business can be fun, like a creative expression of my heart. I love that you brought the Vitality Code into business because that's what I want -- a way to share with my clients the joy I have for painting... and freedom at the same time."

- Bonnie Fogg, Fine Artist

Let's get you started with the all-free "Authentic AI Content Planner" -- with essential AI prompts to craft your authentic message + my step-by-step formula to create 30 days of content in just 90 mins.

Plus you'll be the first to receive notice on upcoming free business-building workshops and the latest AI tools + prompts that I share only with my community.

What's Your Next Step?

Or, if you know you need clarity and expert guidance + accountability, then book yourself a quick 20-Minute Clarity Call with me so I can help you move beyond wha to explore what might be the next right steps for you to move your business forward.