I'm Kathy. Let me be your
Guide to AI-Powered Marketing.

I get it.

With 20+ years in marketing and events, plus my own journey as a transformational life coach and energy healer, I understand the unique challenges you face... it's hard to articulate exactly what you do in your transformational work with clients. You need outside eyes!

I support coaches, healers, and conscious entrepreneurs in harnessing the power of AI, particularly ChatGPT, to craft and convey marketing messaging and content that resonates deeply with your ideal clients.

My goal? To help you save hours each week and grow your business with an easy marketing strategy that speaks directly to the hearts of those you are meant to serve.

Let's give you back that time to spend doing what you love -- working with your soulmate clients.

As a fellow coach and healer, I blend my experience with intuitive insight, ensuring that your message is not just heard, but felt, and that YOU are aligned, confident and clear in all your messaging.

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🌱 Let's transform your online presence together. I'm here to guide you on a journey of authentic expression and business growth, where your passion and your profit grow.

My mission is to amplify your voice so you can finally earn the income you desire and make the contribution you came to make for a better world.
My inspiration for helping healers & coaches...

Even a tragic ending can become an inspired new beginning to something truly wonderful

I dove into my mission with the Vitality Code seven years ago, after caretaking for my mom after her stroke and trying to navigate our broken healthcare system.

It felt like a full-time job taking her from specialist to specialist… each of them looking at their own part of the body and prescribing her increasingly harsher anti-biotics and drugs. Inside I knew it wasn’t her body that was breaking down. It was her soul that was dying… and eventually it did.

I was heartbroken and driven to find how it is we CREATE enduring health, vitality and a truly meaningful life. That’s the fuel behind all I do... and why I want to help YOU get your message out to more people like my mom.

Favorite Saying: It’s better to burn out than to fade away. – Neil Young

Favorite Food: uh, chocolate. A day without chocolate is like a day without sunshine!

Something I couldn’t live without: Youtube and a constant influx of inspirational podcasts

Unusual factoids: I still have my original PADI scuba diving card from when I was 16, I was the first woman to play in the pro-am at the Bay Hill Golf Tournament (much to Arnold Palmer’s dismay), I used to mentor for the Leukemia Society’s Team-in-Training triathlon prep/fundraiser

What brings me most alive: Mountain biking with a posse of good friends, discovering new trails in some beautiful outback corner of Colorado

Biggest inspirations: Abraham Hicks, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Joe Dispenza

A few of my favorite things...


Elevate Your Event

Kathy has spoken on podcasts and stages across the US, including sharing a virtual platform with Jack Canfield.

When you gather leaders eager to make a mark on the world, amplify their journey with a speaker who ignites passion and provides practical strategies.

I'm dedicated to delivering a keynote that not only inspires but equips your audience with the tactics they need for exponential growth. Imagine your event as the catalyst for breakthroughs and enduring success — that's the experience I bring to the stage. Let's make your event the catalyst that catapults every attendee into their next chapter of achievement.

Let's talk

Feel free to send me a note with the handy form here or email me at kathy@kathybasel.com.

Or, better yet, if you have questions and want a little guidance from me, grab a spot on my calendar with the link here. I offer a free 20-Minute Clarity Call just to brainstorm and see how we can get you moving forward.